Meet our Directors!

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Chana Greene (née Kornfeld) was born in Seattle, Washington. She attended High School there and graduated Cum Laude. Following High School, she spent one year in a Judaic teaching seminary in Israel. Upon completing her teacher training she returned to her hometown to work as a program coordinator at Friendship Circle of Washington State, a non-profit organization that helps children with special needs. A year later, she moved to Brooklyn, working as a Preschool teacher and Hebrew School teacher in Greenwich CT. 

Chana has extensive experience in the areas of children’s programming and education. She has worked as a successful counselor, head counselor, and assistant director in camps all over the country.   She sees teaching as a mission, a valued and time-honored Jewish tradition. She also thrives on getting to know the families of the children, and becoming friends.  

Shloime Greene was born in Rochester, MN. He attended High School for Advanced Studies in Postville, IA. Following High School he attended the prestigious Tomchei T’mimim Rabbinical College in New York. After graduating Rabbinical College he was selected to serve as part of an elite team in the Jewish community of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He then went on to Israel where he spent a year as a student and teacher’s assistant at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. After completing a successful year there, he spent an additional year in Israel working as a Rabbinical Intern for Chabad of Israel. From Israel he returned home to Rochester as an assistant chaplain at the Jewish Hospitality Center serving the needs of Jewish patients at The Mayo Clinic.  

Shloime has worked as an amazing counselor, sports coach, and specialty staff for camps all over the country. He views summer camp as a time to create special memories and unforgettable experiences. He is excited to bring new energy and spirit to Camp Gan Israel. 

Chana and Shloime live in Hunterdon County and work for Chabad throughout the year.