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Morah Chana

Morah Chana


Morah Chana's class:

 What a wonderful time we had this week!!! We read the story of Miriam who stood up against the wicked leader Pharoah, to save the Jewish baby boys! Miriam had Jewish pride!! So do we!!! So we made.... Beautiful Crowns to show our pride!! We also made a poster on which everyone drew what makes them proud to be Jewish! (celebrating Jewish birthdays, holidays,Shabbat,Hebrew school....ect.) we got an invitation to Morah Shira's class who were learning the mitzva of hosting guests :) we played musical chairs and went in their tent. For snack we made fruit kebobs to celebrate Tu B'shvat- the birthday of the trees. We learnt the letter "kaf" & it's partner letter "Chof"! The only difference is that "kaf" had a cookie/button  in the middle!

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