Camp Gan Israel - Upcoming this Year!

  • Facility! 

    We will be located at the YMCA Deer Path Park Branch for our second year. This facility features outdoor sports fields including; baseball diamond, soccer fields, and playground. We will have several outdoor tents set up exclusively for each group and a larger tent for all group activities. We also have Arts n' Craft tents and other specialty areas. We  have use of the YMCA's indoor gym, multipurpose room, and pool.   
  • Building Life Skills

  • Trained professionals will be leading a weekly seminar with every bunk. They will be teaching our campers “The Great 8 Skills.”

    1. Character
    2. Communication
    3. Creating Optimism
    4. Collaboration
    5. Creativity
    6. Critical thinking
    7. Leadership
    8. Self-Control
  • Swim Lessons

    Swim Lessons will be offered through the swim program at the YMCA. YMCA's lifeguards are American Red Cross certified in lifesaving, CPR/AED and First Aid. All swim instructors are also certified in CPR and first aid. Instructors are required to pass the YMCA Swim Instructor Training Program prior to teaching classes. Please contact to request swim lessons for your child.
  • Sports Coaches

    Do you have an active camper who is always on the move? Sports at Gan Israel will keep the campers playing all day long! Instruction, drills, team play, individual sports, soccer, basketball, kickball, football, hockey, tension tennis, flag-football, wiffle ball, running club, ultimate frisbee, obstacle course, GaGa, and much more. Creativity knows no limits when it comes to planning activities to keep campers active. Camp Gan Israel facility includes indoor gym and many outdoor fields.
  • Performing Arts

    Just as the body needs exercise to grow and develop, so do our minds. Camp Gan Israel of Hunterdon County offers a wide range of activities in the creative arts program to stimulate imagination, creativity and inspire self expression. Activities include guitar, drama games, talent show, theater acting & directing, arts and crafts, painting and much more!
  • Themed Activities

    Campers enjoy many activities throughout the week that connect to our weekly theme. Edible crafts, mad science, scavenger hunts, camp-wide activities, team building exercises and tournaments are just a few!

  • Camp Performance

    Campers prepare for annual camp show all summer long! With our drama, guitar, cheer leading, dance and choir specialties, our show is always so special!