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 “My daughters have been attending the Hebrew school for many years. Kirsten completed the entire program and finished last year with her Bat Miztvah.

Lexi also started the program when she was very young. She will complete her year this coming school year. The program has so many positive programs and activities for the entire family. My children have learned so much about their Jewish culture. The school was both fun and educational. The staff continues to be wonderful, creative and supportive. We cannot say enough good things about the program and the many caring people who have cared for our daughters for many years”. 

Amy Bashford - Pittstown, NJ 

“Max and Sophie have been attending Hebrew School at the Chabad for 3 years now. The teachers are wonderful and the learning environment at the Chabad is great. The Chabad offers my children a true understanding and learning of what is mean to be a Jewish child as well as creates a fun environment for the kids to learn. I wouldn’t change a thing!” 

Laurie Esarco – Flemington, NJ 

“Our son has truly embraced his Jewish heritage with open arms at The Chabad of Hunterdon County Hebrew School.  They make it fun and easy to embrace.  We are truly blessed to be a part of this special place”. 

Dana and Craig Goodman - Annandale, NJ 

"Our children have been students at Chabad Hebrew School for 5 years. They look forward to Sunday mornings when they can return to Hebrew School for fun projects, yummy snacks and laughs with their friends. The youngest don't realize how much learning they do while having fun, and the oldest look forward to asking questions of their very knowledgeable teachers and appreciate how approachable the rabbi is. Our youngest child can't wait to join his siblings at Hebrew School this year”. 

 Eugene and Anna Benenson - Califon, NJ 

“Words can't express what it means to see my 5 and 7 year old jump out of bed Sunday morning excited that it is a Hebrew School day. They have so much fun and amaze us with how much they learn. I don’t know what they do there at Chabad, but each week my children can’t wait for Hebrew school”. 

Beth Krakauer – Tewksbury, NJ

Every week I wait to see what we will learn in Hebrew School.

Josh Kutznesoff - Asbury, NJ

I want to thank my mom for finding this place for me. My favorite part of Hebrew School was baking my own matza and learning the Hebrew letters.

Kirstin Bashford - Pittstown, NJ

I like coming to Hebrew School because of all the new friends and learning Hebrew. My favorite part about Hebrew School is learning about the holidays and learning about G‑d.

Jesse Matarazzo - Pittstown, NJ